Computer application2Since the start of the company, Intelligent Solutions worked on developing its partner companies IT infrastructure. This includes developing business specific applications to digitise the operations. Hence, we developed several applications using the latest technologies and security methods and ensured the quality and reliability of the

At Intelligent Solutions we focused on developing web based applications for easy access and compatibility.

Our Applications:
1. Heavy Equipment Hiring applications: for hiring generators, excavators, loaders and other heavy vehicles. It includes: booking system, quotations, customers, machines management, fuel management as well as full accounting and reporting system.
2. HR software: for full HR management, employee details and profiles, intelligent indications for visa, passport, CPR and other data expiry. Online document management.
3. Attendance software: for managing employee attendance and salary generation.
4. Fuel Management software: for light and heavy vehicles, full management over fuel, oil and status maintenance. Indication reports on abnormal consumption.
5. Travel Management Software: for managing booking for hotels, flights, buses and packages. It includes full accounting software.