Tracking 950 x 350 pxPartnering with a Finnish company, Intelligent Solutions offer it customer with vehicle tracking solutions. Nowadays, it is essential for each company to have tracking solution for its vehicles. This helps the companies to satisfy customers and reduce fuel costs by managing vehicle routes.

The solution we offer has 24 months warranty, allow live tracking, easy and interactive history play back, fuel tracking, geo-fencing and speed reporting. It has many reports which allow customers to have accurate results.
The solution comes with desktop and web versions to monitor the vehicles.

At Intelligent Solutions we offer the customers either to buy or rent the devices. This reduces the cost for customers with fleet of vehicles.

Our customers using this solution for different kinds of vehicles, including: ready mix mixers, pumps, cranes, small cars, six wheels, buses and pickups. So far our technicians installed more than 500 devices for different companies.
Our service and support continues and covers all aspects including training for the end users and making new special reports for customers with large fleet.