Telephone Exchange_AvayaUsing the latest telecommunications technologies, Intelligent Business Solutions offers phone exchange systems to its customers. Our expertise allows us to design a solution which meets your current and future requirements. Our engineers have the experience to implement the solutions for fixed and remote offices with high quality voice calls.
Since the establishment of the company, we focused on improving the services for the customers and upgrading their
existing pbx systems to the latest ones.

At Intelligent Solutions we mainly offer Avaya and Panasonic PBX which are the best stable systems in the market. We offer analogue and digital solutions including SIP.

Projects and customers:
1. Sayed Kadhem Aldurazi and Sons; Avaya PBX, more than50 extenstions, multiple incoming lines, IP and SIP phones.
2. Trust Travel ; Avaya PBX, multiple incoming lines, multiple extensions.
3. Alhaidariya Heavy Equipment hiring; Nortef, 12 lines
4. Universal Hydrolics; Panasonic, PBX, 3 lines
5. Universal Foundations; Panasonic, PBX, 4 lines
6. Universal Readymix ; Panasonic, PBX, 4lines