computer-networkingThe information systems and technologies are essential part of success for each company. These systems can enhance the performance of its sales, management and store.

Our network and IT support team, with its qualified member’s offers you 24 hours support for your network and IT infrastructure. At Intelligent Solutions we design network and full IT infrastructure to fulfill your needs and give you high performance network speed and quality. We offer local area network, wireless network and fiber optic networks.
We also offer a range of IT products including laptops, desktops, servers, switches, applications and others.
Our IT support team is currently supporting more than 18 companies for their PCs, servers, PBX, Biometric devices, printers, routers and other device. We offer yearly contracts and per visit charges. The support includes software support as well as hardware.

As security is one of the key features we focus on, we offer security auditing services for your organization. This includes recommendation about best practices for your IT team and end users.
Intelligent solutions offer intelligent backup solutions for your local and remote offices to make sure you have backup of user’s files for easy recovery when it get corrupted or lost.